Are you seeking a connection that supports clinical and personal growth?

Clinical consultation offers personal and professional support rooted in clinical outcomes, while emphasizing a therapists well being.  Overall, connecting with collegial peers enhances personal and professional integrity.  And, acknowledges that holding space with individuals seeking healing requires a depth of self awareness rooted in personal healing.  Simultaneous attention to inherent transference and countertransference, assists in a mutually advancing community of healing professionals.    

Aided by my own investment in continued supervision with hand-picked professionals, I'm aware that knowledge and experience need not cease growth.  Supervision satisfies a dual hope of increasing skilled professionals in our world and sustainably nourishing the field of healers.

Preparing for consultation.

Taking time prior to scheduled consultation to reflect on a current therapeutic relationship can deepen the overall experience.  A client's history and the practitioners presenting questions related to the case are helpful for a successful consultation.

How does this work?

Making a connection through secure telemedicine ports, like VSee, offer easy and confidential communication.  If you aren't familiar with these options, I will gladly invite you to connect and we can move forward together.   


$120 per 60-minute session

Detailed invoices provide documentation for tax purposes. 

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